Thursday, June 17, 2004

Does ALL Cell Phone Customer Service Suck?

So, I noticed that my cell phone company was not giving me my free nights and called to talk about it, and it seemed it was my fault and apparently "I" did not order the free nights as a part of my package, although it IS a part of the package. They made me find my order form (which the company sent me) and there it was - UNLIMITED NIGHTS & WEEKENDS. And all the customer service f*ckwad had to say was -- you need to take that order form into a dealer and have them fax the order form to us. ARGH!

So - I go into the dealer and they are nice and help me and take care of everything. But apparetnly everyone who works for their customer service department is a f*ckwad. Because I come home and log into my account and I still have NO unlimited nights, but I do have twice as many anytime minutes.

Now - I will have to back into the dealer and get it taken care of because if they have me down for twice as many minutes now I am sure I am paying a higher price -- and I WANT MY FREE NIGHTS not twice as many anytime minutes!

Now - bad customer service with this company did not just start today. It started when some dipsh*t could not enter in the right account information on both of our phones so that our phone #'s could be ported. Andy's was ported on May 24th and mine finally ported on June 11th. I had to call and go through the process 3 times until someone finally got it right.

And they are not the only cell phone company with bad customer service.....we were previously going to go with a different cell phone company, but after they sent us a BAD phone and charged us for a "free" phone and then Andy spent over 3 hours collectively trying to get a new working phone and one that was the price they said it was going to be - free! Needless to say -- THEY SUCK! and we decided to try someone else.

And so (I am sure) my saga of bad cell phone customer service will continue........

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