Sunday, June 27, 2004

I want to go back to Costa Rica.

Andy & I went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon almost 2 1/2 years ago and we LOVED it. We talk about once we win the lottery we will keep our home here as a summer home and live in Costa Rica. I guess as a US citizen you can own property in Costa Rica but you are required to leave for 48 hours every 3 months.

The other day at a party at Jessi's house I talked with a friend of hers that had also went to Costa Rica & loved it. It brought back all those good memories. I could almost taste the fresh fruit, the coffee, the pastries, etc. I could see the iguanas, the beautiful birds, and those crabs that had to keep rebuilding their home everytime the waves washed over them.

And then a few days ago I went to a book store in the outlet mall to get some books for a present for my nephew (he speaks mainly Spanish and I bought him books in English to encourage him to learn more English). Anyways, while I was there I came across a book on Monteverde, a rain cloud forest area in Costa Rica. We had not visited there when we traveled there before and now after reading it I am very interested. I am only about halfway trough the book and have learned a lot about how many different species of birds, insects, trees, and bats there are. After reading about the bats last night I would like to get a tour with someone who knows about bats and actually get to hold one. The book addresses the common misconception regarding bats and I admit I have those same beliefs and I think I may still have them until I actually talk to someone who is familiar with bats and I can touch one.

I bought a book on Georgia O'Keefe as well (thought I would get to know more about her since one of her prints is a conversation piece in our formal living room) and also a book about Battered Women. And I picked up some fiction book form a free box at a rummage sale this weekend (I generally don't read much fiction, mainly just non-fiction).

I'll probably read the books laying in the hammock in the 3-season porch with a Bloody Mary by my side and pretend I am in Costa Rica. I'd like to go there this coming winter, we have break at the end of March (I wish it was earlier, but I will take what they give me), but we'll have to see how much it will cost.

So, if I can't get there I will have to continue dreaming about it, keep settling for less than superior fruit from the supermarket, and buy our costa rican coffee beans from Caribou Coffee.

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Mean Dr. Lily said...

You want to touch a bat? Are you kidding me? You screamed like a 4 year old on a rollercoaster when you had to kill one. We've had a dozen or so in the house/attic, and you always made me kill them.

I don't care what purpose they serve, bats are fucking CREEPY.