Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Life is Change

I just found out yesterday that my job will be transferred over to the high school. It does give me some transition time with the junior high kids I work with since we still have summer program yet, but not as much as I would have had I been told for sure a lot earlier. Oh well! Nothing I can do about that now; I just needed to adapt and keep going.

But isn't that what life is always about - changing. I think if things stayed the same I would get really bored very quickly. We would have no new children in to the world if we didn't allow things to change, and my mother-in-law would probably get very upset at the prospect of no more grandbabies. Don't misinterppret what I just wrote, I am not trying to tell you that I am pregnant. Someday we will be, but not today.

And quite often the change is a good thing, or at least we choose to have the attitude to look at it favorably (I think the key is in the attitude we choose). I was talking to my sister Steph last night for a long time (neither of us works during the summer and have those unlimited night/weekend minutes). I am thankful that I changed. She was telling me about how mean I was to her, as a younger sibling. I really didn't remember being that mean and am very apologetic now. But as we were talking we each got out our old journals and would read excerpts from them. It's funny to read some of the things we wrote down and how now when you look back you realize how naive you were and are glad you changed and grew up. One thing we foung particularly humorous about our journals is how we sometimes we would even lie to our journals about something because either we wanted it to be true or were trying to convince ourselves that it could be true. I am not saying we were a bunch of liars in our journals, just that occasionally when we read about some of these things you know you didn't really feel that way about something. It's just funny, that's all.

Although some things don't change much. As I looked in my journal I realized that I was a list maker. I would make lists of everything, things I wanted, my Christmas list (some of those would make you laugh because of the frosted jeans and L.A. Gear shoes on there in early junior high - teehee! even makes me laugh), my friends, boys I liked, boys that liked me, goals, etc. I still make lists today. I currently have a list of to-do's for the summer, a list of those dreaded New Years's resolutions (actually from a couple years back - my last resolution was to to not make resolutions anymore - ironic!), improvements I would like to make in the house, etc. I guess at least the content of the lists have changed, even though the action itself has not. I am sure thankful the content changed because I think I could do without the frosted jeans and L.A. Gears (you remember those - they had the twisted leather on them to reveal another color - gosh! even my grandma had a pair at the time).

But as far as change goes - I think I should go take a shower and change into some new clothes. I don't have to get up all that early in the summer and tend to lounge in my pj's as long as possible.

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Mean Dr. Lily said...

LA Gears? Didn't they have those double-tounged shoes? SWEET.