Sunday, June 27, 2004

Just a thought......

People often ask me (because of my profession) if I think kids' behaviors are getting worse with times or if there is something else going on. And as I was talking to Andy today, I thought about how people say that your own kids will be 10 times worse than yourself. So, if every generation is 10 times worse than the one before, I guess it is inevitable that the behaviors are getting worse and it doesn't really matter what caused it because they will continue to get worse if we keep reproducing. So, I think that when any kids I am working with now reproduce and I get their kids in my room, it will be time to retire. I'll let the next generation take care of the them. Don't you think?


Kinky Phanie Gates said...

That's why I'll just not have kids, because they'll be knotheads (as Dad would say) anyway...and they would probably not act "normal" (again Dad).

I think I will try to set one of these things up too...then maybe Bren won't get mad at us for not knowing what goes on in our lives.

Talk to you later,

Mean Dr. Lily said...
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