Thursday, April 21, 2005


Normally dandelions are thought to be a nuisance, but I am opting to take a different approach to them. Not that I am encouraging the growth of dandelions in my yard, but I will not obsess about destroying the ones that are there. Instead I will eat them.

Wonder how you can eat dandelions......There are lots of ways and recipes. This isn't a new thing for me as I have picked dandelion greens to put in salads. I have never made a salad of just dandelion greens, but have added them to lettuce, spinach, & turnip greens.

So, I was thinking I would like to try making Dandelion Jelly. Although I am not sure I have enough dandelions in the yard to get enough flowers.

Other recipes on the link include: jelly, "coffee", boiled buds, frittered blossoms, & greens.


Alison said...

Did you make the dandelion jelly?

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I have not tried the jelly yet -- but I really want to.

I did taste dandelion wine when we were in the Amana Colonies in Iowa. Not bad.