Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Frustrating as Hell

Try out this Japanese IQ Test. Steph sent it to me. Click on the Big Round Blue Button & Start. Here are the rules:

Get everyone across the river!
Max 2 people on the raft;
Mom cannot be with boys without Dad;
Dad cannot be with girls without Mom;
Thief cannot be with anyone without Cop;
and only Dad, Mom, and Cop can operate raft.
Big blue circle starts game.

I will post the answer to solve in the comments later.

Good luck!

The solution is now in the comments. So, don't look there unless you want to find out the answer.


Junniper said...

Oh, I HATE you for posting this!! :) Fifteen minutes, and I still didn't get it!

Dajari said...

yea! it only took me 10 minutes to figure out! I thought it was fun too, thanks for posting it

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Here's the solution: 1) cop & stripe, 2) cop, 3) cop & girl1, 4) cop & stripe, 5) mom & girl2, 6) mom, 7) mom & dad, 8) dad, 9) cop & stripe, 10) mom, 11) mom & dad, 12) dad, 13) dad & boy1, 14) cop & stripe, 15) cop & boy2, 16) cop, 17) cop & stripe

Alison said...

I couldn't do it without cheating.

Meow said...

I loved this frickin' game!