Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Bottom 3

So, A.I. just ended and these are who I think should be in the bottom 3:

Funny - these are the same 3 I picked last week.

I thought that Nadia sounded good this week, but she picked a song that wasn't too popular. I think Simon was totally right in saying that Vonzell will get more votes this week 'cuz she picked a song people liked. Carrie rocking out was cool, but I agree that I like her country better. I loved Anwar tonight and thought Constantine sounded great (but I still don't like something about his face - it creeps me out for some reason.) I agree that Scott missed a lot of notes, I didn't really like Bo's sound, and Anthony was just ok. I don't see him as stepping up like he should be at this point in the competition.

So, we'll see tomorrow what happens.

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