Sunday, April 10, 2005

Weekend Summary

Friday afterwork started off with a short nap (I LOVE my naps.) Then a 3 mile walk with Kate. Then I came home and got ready to go to Jessi & Alex's Middle Eastern party. See -- Alex bought a Houka and wanted to have a party to use it. I smoked some from the Houka. The stuff was apricot flavored. And we had some Middle Eastern food too, which included some dates, tabouli & pita bread, baklava, & potato chips (who knew?). I ate some tabouli and it gave me such a craving for more that I had to make some Saturday (& let it sit all day and finally ate some for lunch today.) Mmmmmm.....Yummy! They also had come Middle Eastern liquor, which was clear but once you added it to clear water it turned milky - weird. But I just had a sip, as it tasted of black liqorice and that's just not my thing. Plus we had some mint tea as well.

Saturday started out with some dishes, laundry & light cleaning. Then did a little shopping at local area stores with Andy and came home for a nap (hey - I figure that when I have kids the naps are going to go away completly so I better get them in now.) Then off to dinner with the girls, then drinks @ Kate's, and off to Wings to sing some karaoke. I never sang karaoke at this place and I don't think I like it, because NO ONE listens to anyone. It's as if you are just background noise.

Sunday - ahhh...Sunday. I did not take any naps today, which is unfortunate. I started out the day downloading music to my Rio Carbon. For less money (plus there is a $20 rebate on the Rio Carbon right now) and more memory than the iPod we knew this was a better deal. Andy & I each got one (this is all we got back for tax money and treated ourselves to these.) Plus Andy also bought this wireless transmitter thing which puts out it owns frequency and you can play your Rio in the car over the radio or in your home over the stereo. Very cool.

I also did some yard & flower maintenance, got plenty more to do, but things are starting to look better after winter death. I have quite a bit of stuff coming up, so that's exciting. And right now I am cooking supper -- some Chicken in spicy mushroom sauce & Pinto de Gallo. Yummy.

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