Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday Traditions

Andy & I have talked bits over the years of our own holiday traditions and those that we would like to have with our kids.

I just thought it would be nice to reflect on the good things from the holidays that I remember enjoying.

* I always liked having Christmas Stockings from Santa
* I never noticed it growing up - but Santa presents came in Santa wrapping paper, that's a neat idea.
* I liked that Santa always gave us a gift to the "Family" which was something we could do that night or the next day, like a movie or a game.
* I like listening to the Disney Christmas albums, it's what my mom played (on record) when we were young. It always cracks me up when Goofy sings "Five Onion Rings"
* I like how we take turns opening presents, so that when you are done opening you pick something from the pile for someone else.
* It made me laugh when my dad would put on a clown nose and a santa hat, like he was Rudolph & Santa all in one.
* I like that we do a bunch of appetizers (Andy's family does this too) for xmas Eve, and then a dinner on xmas day.
* I like that we have my grandpa say prayer at xmas day dinner and I always liked that we invited them over for that day. Since everyone else has to share them on the eve, we get their full attention on the day.
* I alwas thought it was nice that mom made people pies, fruit cakes, candies, cookies, etc. for holiday trays as gifts and delivered it to them. They always seem to appreciate it. I like to do that too.

Ok - it's time for lunch. But I will have more to comment on. What holiday traditions do you like that you did with your family?


Meow said...

Christmas crackers.
Getting pure junk is exciting when it comes out of a cracker.

Ayesha97 said...

My favorite tradition- you can open one present on Christmas Eve (usually before going to the candlelight service at our church). It was usually enough to tide us over until the morning.

Everyone has to be up before you can open any presents, stockings were free game while waiting for the 'rents to get up and were opened first (a Toberone bar and a Lifesavers story book were very common stocking stuffers, along with batteries and other things that were clues to big presents).

We never wrap things in the box that they belong in. I've gotten shirts in cereal boxes, a watch in a shirt box, a book in a camera box (left over from last year)... never believe the box. We always pull pranks on one another. One year we set up a scavanger hunt through the house for my sister (her first present took her to the kitchen, then that took her to the bedroom, then the basement... until she finally got her real present in her bedroom). Another year my dad borrowed a bread maker box from a neighbor (my mom made it clear that SHE didn't want a bread maker, but my dad did). Christmas morning, she finally caved and got him a breadmaker, and opened her present from him and saw that it was a breadmaker too, finally opened it up the rest of the way and it contained a brick (for weight) and her favorite perfume. :)

Alison said...

We got to open one gift on Christmas Eve (but my mom had to approve it so it wouldn't be the GOOD gift).

And we opened presents one person at a time from youngest to oldest. It makes Christmas morning last longer.