Thursday, December 29, 2005

What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

Compliments of Alison's Blog, check this out. It's kinda fjun, as you can see by what I did below.

Here are my results: Consuelo Velaquez, Anita Ekberg, Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Cate Blanchett, Sophie Loren, and below that it's less than 50% match. Not sure how much I look like any of them, but interesting nonetheless.

I did my friend Jessi and what I came up with for her is this message: Sorry, no faces were detected. Guess she has her own unique look.

When I did a picture of Kendra it gave me: Naomi Watts, Demi Moore, Olivia Newton-John, Julie Christie, Halle Berry, Sophie Marceau, Hillary Swank, Aaliyah, & Isabelle Allende.

I did the picture of Tim from their blog profile and here's what it gave me: Saif Ali Kahn, Kevin Smith, Marat Safin, Michael J. Fox, Billy Bob Thorton.

When I did Andy I got this: George W. Bush (Yikes!), Juan Antonio Samarach (Who?), Michael Douglas, Dennis Hopper, Alain Prost. I don't think that Andy looks like any of these either.

I scanned in a different picture of me and got different results: Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Kate Winslet. Again -- I don't think I look like any of these.


Mean Dr. Lily said...

I'm pretty happy with my list. Don't get me wrong, they're mostly ugly people, but I love the personality traits:

Incompetent president, scandolous Olympics official, crazy actor, crazier actor and a French Forumla 1 racer.


Tim & Kendra said...

Billy Bob AND Kevin Smith?...quite a wide range, but I'm happy with that!!

Tim & Kendra said...

Hey! I just did another picture and I got Matt LeBlanc, Michael J. Fox, Eminem, Jim Carrey AND Sinclair Lewis! NICE!

Plus...when I did the female list, #1 was Anna Kournikova..So, does that mean I'd make a hot girl?....