Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You Gotta Get This!

This was one of my xmas presents from Andy and we love it. It's a Egg'n'Muffin from Back to Basics.

The toaster part is a wide slot, perfect for bagels. You can make toast by itself, egg(s) by itself, or and egg(s) and toast simultaneously. It's perfect. Well, plus you can heat up pre-cooked meats as well.

The toast gets perfectly browned, and you choose the level of egg hardness (soft, medium, & hard) by how much water you add. It basically steams the egg(s) to cook them.

You can make one egg poached (or scrambled if you choose to do that) or you can make 4 hardboiled eggs (2 separate trays). There is also another try to add your pre-cooked meats to, in case you want to have meat with your sandwich as well. We haven't done the meat thing yet, I think I'll pick up some canadian bacon so that I can try it out.

Both yesterday & today we both had egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches. So yummy! So quick! So easy! Almost every day I would make a breakfast sandwich to make and eat on the way to work, but it involved lots of steps and timing on my part. With this I can just start it and walk away and come back in a few minutes to a perfect egg & english muffin.

So, Steph - you definitly should buy this for Jason for his birthday. You will definitly get a lot of use out of it. And if you buy good quality english muffins (there are some light ones by Lakeland Foods, or WW ones -- which I like better), add an egg, and some LF cheese you can make a sandwich for 2.5 WW points (3 if you use regular cheese, 2 if you use egg beaters instead of an egg). So, you can definitly keep your points down for those of you doing WW.


Meow said...

My favorite Christmas pressy was my muffin maker from Hammacher Schlemmer.http://www.hammacher.com/publish/70373.asp
Homemade muffins À tout de suite. Nice and fresh without the use of a conventional oven and great for one to three persons. Sweet!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

What a great idea. And you can use the premade muffin mixes, which make 6 muffins, so half a mix would suffice.

Does it shut off when it's done so that the muffind don't overcook?