Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Weekend in December

Friday night I met Linda for an early dinner at the Peppermill, early for me is anytime before 7pm, we were there around 5:45. It was nice conversation and good food. I was home and in bed around 9:30.

Saturday I put up some Christmas lights in 5 windows and an illuminated hanging snowman and 2 illuminates hanging hollys, and some non-illuminated holiday decorations & a wreath & holiday flag. It looks even more Christmasy here. I like it. The colorful lights make me happy. That night Andy & I went to an early dinner, coincidentally the same time as yesterday's early dinner. We decided to check out The Pinecone Restaurant, which is a truck stop restaurant in Northfield. We saw a sign saying they had a huge salad bar and that sounded good to me. For $7.95 we had the buffet (salad bar, soups, and hot foods including fried chicken, ribs, turkey, all the turkey trimmings, mac&cheese, & macaroni casserole). Pretty good and pretty nice inside. Although we ate too much food. Then we came home and watched The Longest Yard, which we picked up from Redbox. I did make some holiday rice krispie treats that are very good.

Today I ran some errands and did grocery shopping. Yup, that's really it. I don't plan to do much more than make dinner for us in a few hours.

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