Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Long Holiday Weekend

I can't believe I have to work for 4 weeks now before I can get another break. At least then it will be for just over a week, as we go back to work on January 3rd. Andy has no sympathy for me at all. He keeps forgetting that he has a ton of vacation that he can use.

So, it started on Wednesday evening. I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was pretty good, I just didn't like how packed the theater was. I should have waited another couple of weeks and seen a late show, then it might just be a little less busy.

Thursday we went to the in-laws for Thanksgiving.

Friday, I got up early and did some Christmas shopping. I had a lot of my Christmas shopping done, but I can't resist the bargains. So, I did some xmas shopping for my brother. That night we put up the tree & I wrapped the presents in the afternoon. See previous post for more details.

Saturday, went out and did a little shopping again. I have never really went out on the Saturday after. It's pretty disappointing, not all the bargains. Then we went to Carrie & Kyle house and played Texas Hold'em & Scattegories with them and Kim & Travis & ordered some Dominos.

Sunday, so far so good. So far I have felt great today, but it's now the evening and my stuff sets in and I can feel it a little, but so much better than before. Did some laundry and some cooking, which has been rare as I have not felt like cooking or wanted to smell cooking much the last 4 months. So, I made us a big brunch of wheat&honey pancakes, eggs, & peaches. For dinner I made a Costa Rican dish called "Chicken w/ Mushroom Sauce" served over the top of rice. Also made some chocolate pumpkin bread - this is absolutly fantastic - and some califorina rolls (my craving, these with some wasabi and soy sauce just go down so easily.) Mmmmm..... We also went grocery shopping and I did my prenatal yoga dvd. While I cooked Andy watched football.

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