Sunday, November 13, 2005

Black Friday Stuff

Here are links to some places that are listing Black Friday sales:

Wal-Mart Don't think I will go here. Not worth it for justa couple things I maybe interested in, would need to see the actual pictures first.

Ace Hardware Think I will go here.

Toys'R'Us Some good prices on things, but not sure I want to go to the Cities.

Best Buy Here's info on the laptops out there, will try to get one from

Radio Shack Not sure if I will go here, seems like they always have the stuff available, even the door busters, so it's not as urgent to get there right away.

Wal-Greens Probably not.

As a side note - we are getting a Kohl's down here now too. They are starting contruction on it right now.

List of online deal sites.

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