Saturday, November 26, 2005

Phone Camera Pics

So, I took these pics with my camera phone. It doesn't have the greatest quality, and I was too lazy to run upstairs and fetch the digital camera and put batteries in it. So, I just took these yesterday.

The first one is of my fat cat, Larry. Sometimes he rests on his back. Strange.

The second one is of the xmas tree & presents (so far!) this year. On Black Friday, I go out early in the morning and go shopping and when I come home I spread all the presents out I bought that day and before and thn start wrapping. It took me a good 3 hours this year to wrap. We still have a few people left to buy for (well, basically presents we ordered online and am waiting to be delivered) and of course Andy still needs to finish buying presents for me and get them under the tree as well. I shop for presents for my brother to give (sometimes presents my dad tells me to get for my mom too), so we usually end up with a pretty impressive spread under the tree. Wait until next year, when we have presents for the baby.

So, last night we put up the tree and decorated it. You can't have a pile of presents just sitting there; they need a tree to be under. Larry likes the tree. We have a little path through the presents so he can go sit under it in the back. Plus he has this things about chewing on the artificial tree, I think that is comon for cats.

I also have the manager and figures set up, but I need to go get some straw. It's not the same without the straw. Andy thinks it would be funny to carpet the manager. JoAnn Fabrics & Wal-mart usually have a "tiny" bale of straw in their craft area. A couple of years ago I bought one and used half that year and half last year.

We also got some other holiday decorations up around the house, but no outside lights. I am not sure if I feel like doing that.

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