Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's the first snowfall of the season. The power went out last night for a couple of hours, that was a pain in the ass since the thermostat is electric and basically we had no heat. It started to get cool awfully fast. Not sure why the power went out; there was probably a lot of ice on the lines and it was really windy.

The weather this season has been weird; it's been a warm fall and all of a sudden it just got cold. It was like, "Ok, it's winter now."

I had to drag out my winter coat and was reminded that I have that issue with the zipper.......I figure I'll buy a new coat next winter since this year I can tolerate wearing my old one until it no longer fits around my stomach and then I'll claim one of Andy's as my own.

It's kinda pretty to see the snow on the trees, but driving in it sucks.

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