Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Custom House

Last year, almost to the day, we had 3 companies come out and give us quotes on replacing all the double-hung windows in the house.....we're talking around 15 windows....yikes! That's not including 7 picture windows (included only one) or the 2 bay windows (which, other than the 3rd floor window we replaced are the newest windows in the house). Well, every window in our house is custom. There is not one window that we could go to Menards or Lowe's and buy the window and install it ourselves. Every single window has to be special-ordered, which means spending more money. So, needless to say we cannot afford to replace all the windows in our house at one time. So, this year we decided to do one room at a time (which means about 3 windows each year, including the picture windows). So, it will probably take us about 7 years at that rate, but hey, that's what we can afford right now.

Damn house with too many windows!

So, I signed the contract and we will be getting 2 new windows in our master bedroom and 1 new bedroom in the master bath. So, we can be warmer this winter. Save us from the drafts. Next year we will do the nursery for sure (2 windows) and maybe the kitchen (1 window).

Now we just have to wait for them to do the work.

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