Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Review

Hmmmm.....this was a really laid-back weekend.....

Friday -- stayed home and watched movies on cable

Saturday -- took our time and finally went out and bought a couple of presents we need for this weekend, and then ate dinner @ El Tequila in Northfield. El Tequila is our favorite restaurant down here. We have never been to the location in Northfield, just in Owatona & Faribault. They also have a location in Farmington. Then home again.

Sunday -- hmmmmm.....ran a few errands and spent most of the day at home. Did manage to clean out the closet in the nursery which was over-run by photos and pictures we took down from that room and others, and donations to Goodwill & the humidifier that needed to come out and start being used. That was our one thing we set out to accomplish this weekend. We waited to the last minute, but we did it. Now it's just a closet with some baby things, a hamper and my maternity clothes.

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