Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Weekend

Friday -- Christmas with the in-laws. We did the appetizer thing where everyone bring an appetizer to share. Good food. We both got some nice gifts, some for the baby.

Saturday -- Made nut brittle, divinity, chocolate banana bread, and 5 gallons of carmel corn (the 2 latter or gifts for co-workers). Of course after all that there was a lot of dishes to do. Watched Rudolph (have the tape) and then went to dinner @ Pizza Hut and went to Javalive for some hot cocoa & entertainment. Javalive is a coffee shop that has free live entertainment on most Fridays & Saturdays. Sometimes when you get free entertainment that is all it is worth. This lady (who did most of the singing) was pretty awful. She kept forgetting the words to popular Christmas songs. What the hell? The guy sounded fine and played nice. We have heard some really good performers while we've been there, so we keep checking out what's there. Plus it's smoke-free and something to do.

Sunday -- Filled up Andy's trunk with a crib (we picked up from Raoul -- don't ask) that my parents will use and a bunch of presents. Andy picked up my car from the repair shop (finally got it back!) and I did some grocery shopping.


Meow said...

Merry Christmas to you & fam and the kitties!!!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Thanks. Hope your holidays have been happy so far too.