Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SilverLeaf Villages (2 more pictures)

Here is a view of the mini-golf course without us in it. It is really nice looking and it's even better that it's free.

They do have laundry facilities here. It costs $1 to wash and $2 to dry. We brought half as many clothes as we needed and did laundry today. With needing to bring along a stroller & carseat and toys & stuff for the baby we wanted to have one less bag of luggage, we decided to wash stuff.

This is outside our condo. We had requested a ground level one if it was available, and it was. It is nicer to get around with the stroller with.

Anything I mentioned that people want to see a picture of before we leave in a few days?

Andy went down to the lake, but Isabel & I haven't been there yet. So, I am sure we'll get there and take some pictures as well.

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