Friday, March 02, 2007

Snowy Day Pictures

View of the Front Porch

One of the hills created by the neighbor plowing. The plow guy is supposed to show up here soon, then the hill will get bigger. I tried sliding down it with Isabel earlier - didn't work out so well. The snow was too squishy.

View looking off the front porch

Just thought this was a nice picture. I had to use the "snow" feature on my camera. I think it worked nicely.

The glider UNDER the carport. If it was outside the carport it would be covered a lot more. We still have a little snow coming down right now at 4:45pm.

1 comment:

Meow said...

It needs to stop snowing. I need to leave Chicago by the end of the month. OR ELSE!!!!
I will FREAK if I am unable to depart on time.