Friday, March 02, 2007


Another snow day! Woohoo! Although our snow plow guy never came yesterday. Our neighbor plowed part of our driveway for us. If we had to go somewhere I would be annoyed that the plow guy didn't come, but we didn't. He is actually saving us money because the deal is he can come plow anytime after 2 inches. Since we are around a foot of snow he could have come 6 times already, which would be $150 for us. But, he has not come at all. The other times he plowed it was after the snow was done.

I saw an advertisement in the paper for Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating, which is just opening in the city north of us. I was hoping it was a new restaurant, but it isn't. It's one of those places where you buy your meals from them, portion-controlled, calorie contolled and fat controlled. You have to buy a week at a time. It's nothing I am interested in, but I thought that since I never heard of it, you might not have either.

I decided to do some searching on Owatonna (city to the South of us) and post some links. Just posting some of the places I have something to say about.

Interested in Curling? Andy & I took lessons from them a few years back. It was neat. Andy was more interested in it than I was and he got on a team through the Owatonna Curling Club, but just for one year.

The Steele County Speedway is located at the Farigrounds. We have not gone there to see a race, but our neighbor used to race there before he retired from racing. Now he just works with his some on racing; he does go-kart racing. I guess he is really good at it.

We go to the Owatonna Library quite often (or at least I do, and sometimes I bring along Isabel). They called yesterday to say I won a drawing they have. I just happened to sign up on Wednesday as I was waiting to get checked out. I am not sure what I won. I am sure it was a book or something. But a free book is cool.

Andy took Infant/Child CPR class this fall through the Steele County Chapter of the American Red Cross. I am hoping to take it soon too.

My co-worker coaches a teach for Owatonna Youth Hockey.

We have no connection to the Owatonna Diving Club, except that the Natural Foods Co-op in Owatonna sharea a space with it and I will occasionally shop there. Mainly to buy local organic eggs. It's a very small place. They mainly sell stuff in bulk, but do have some prepackaged things, but they tend to cost more than if you shopped the natural food section of Cashwise. It looks like ODC had offered a free Scuba class earlier this month. It might be worth checking out some other time.

Here is Turtle Creek Nursery in Owatonna. This location has changed hands many times in the 5.5 years we have lived here. I have not checked it out since it becamse Turtle Creek, maybe this spring.

We have not been to the Famous Dave's near our house since it was built. I used to do secret shops at the in the Cities, but I got out of secret shopping several years ago. Anyways, I found this link to them that included a takeout menu with prices. I like that it includes prices, then I can call in an order and know exactly what I should expect to pay. Maybe we will get some food from them in the near future.

We have been to the Orphanage Museum. It's sad. It's pretty small. In fact - our house used to be the headmaster's house for the oprphange. Our house was sold and moved out of Owatonna to the current location in 1981. Several former orphans have written books about their stories. I have 3 of the books, but I guess there are a few more than were recently written. I read the last 3 on the list (I own them in case anyone wants to borrow them.) I think many are writing their story now because they elderly. Anyways, it was an orphanage for many years (until 1945) and then it because a state school for many years (until 1970) after that. I have seen the documentary several times and it is sad. It is all very interesting. Over the years we have met many people who told us stories about the orphanage and our house in particular. At the museum we have seen our house in a few pictures.

I actaully searched through many, many, many, many (you get the picture) pages on google to come across these links.

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