Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Enjoy It While We Have It

Well, I decided to look up the tax info on the lake house we are renting for 9 months (well, 8 3/4 months). And we certainly cannot afford it if it were for sale. It is taxed on just over a half million dollars. The house only makes up about $170K of the tax amount, the rest is the land, which is 2 acres on the lake. Actually, our rent for the time we are hear is just about what they pay in taxes.

So, we won't be buying this house or anything similar to it. I am afraid we may have to settle for deeded lake access if we want to live near a lake.

There are tons of squirrels running around and lots of birds and Molly has been enjoying running after them.

BTW - for family who reads this, mark on your calendar that we will have Isabel's birthday party next May out here. It will be on the Saturday before her birthday.

We may have a new place (hopefully) by then, but I think it might be fun to enjoy the lake since it will actually start getting warmer then. They have a fishing boat that we can use or maybe we can even see what places rent things in town. We might change our minds on the location, but we will have one that Saturday before he birthday.

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Isabel's Mommy said...

Ok - so we might change it to Sunday since a godmother has to work on Saturday and would like to be here for her party.

I will let you know for sure.