Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is mine & Andy's 6 year wedding anniversary. We've been married for 6 years, but have been together now for 10 years. Seems like a long time to put up with each other. :)

Anyways, our plans involve getting massages at Heaven on Earth Massage. I just finished with mine and Andy is at his now. We had to take turns so that someone is home with Isabel. She napped through most of mine and is still napping. It's great that she is taking a good AM nap, because she won't have much time this afternoon.

This afternoon we are going to look at two houses that are on the top of our list. We still have not sold our house (actually, there is another open house at our MN home going on today - cross your fingers and/or say a prayer.) I thought we would at least rule these two in or out. On paper they seem the best fit for us. It would suck if we do like one of these houses and someone else buys it before we can, but the good thing is that it is a buyers market and something else perfect will come along. Although, the buyers marker sucks for trying to sell a house.

After the tours, we are having dinner at Antigua Restaurant in West Allis. It is a Mexican restaurant. We are a big fan of Mexican food.

Then we will come home and crack open a bottle of our favorite wine, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. We're actually more of a red wine couple, but we love this wine. And after that - we'll just have to wait & see.

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Lucky Charmz said...

Hope you had a great anniversary!