Sunday, November 21, 2004

Book Swap - Online - Interesting Concept

So - on this site you list 5 books you are willing to swap and 5 books you want to receive.

Ok did that - next.

It gives you the matches for the books you listed that you are swapping away and you get the persons email address and are supposed to contact them to make a swap - although the book they are offering is not necessarily the ones you wanted (but they are ones that they had on their receive list).

So, you are giving them the book they want and you get something else from them in return and eventually when something is listed that is what you want - that person will get your email address.

Not sure how effecient this is or if I will ever receive the titles I wanted.

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Cattiva said...

Hopefully everyone is honest enough to ship what they say they are going to. Pardon my cynicism, I've spent lots of time on eBay. I can see it working among people who know eachother like at the roundtable. Let me know how this works out!