Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Long Weekend

Well, it is the end of another weekend - but this one having started on Wednesday evening. It started out with a happy hour/party at 3pm (since that is when I am done with work.) Then progressed to karokee at a local hotel bar where I sang a couple of songs ("Baby Got Back" & "Goodbye Earl".) After not much to eat the entire day and mixing glasses of wine with hard liqour, I started Thanksgiving day with a bit of a headache.

Andy & I have retained Thanksgiving as "our" holiday and stayed home. So, it was up to us on when we actually wanted to celebrate & actually shower & change out of our pajamas. By about 3pm, we were eating a moist turkey breast, veggies, A LOT of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, stuffing, fruit, and pie. It was a very good dinner if I say so myself. It was also very calm and relaxed and we didn't have to leave the house.

Friday morning started early with shopping at Menards, Kmart, JC Penney, GAP, & Nike (also stops at Sears & Target - but didn't buy anything there.) Then I came home and wrapped presents. That evening we put up the tree and it is a mighty fine looking tree. I bought my last couple of presents online and I AM OFFICIALLY DONE SHOPPING (disclaimer: I am done with MY shopping, which does not mean that I will not get calls from my brother or father to pick up some xmas presents for them.)

Saturday was spent at home most of the day doing the traditional weekend things (laundry, dishes, etc.) Then I went with Kate & my neighbor Mary to see Casablanca Orchestra at Spike's & play some pool (I always manage to lose by putting the eight ball in or scratching when I was putting the 8-ball in). There was just too many people smoking awful cigarettes, so we didn't for the whole show.

Today - another day mostly at home. Spent quite a bit of time day dreaming about going to Costa Rica and started looking up some Costa Rican recipes (as well as Italian recipes for a friend's dinner party later this month). Then I just had to go shopping & buy groceries so that I could make us a dinner of traditional Costa Rican food which included: Black Bean Soup, Gallo Pinto, & Chicken in Mushroom Sauce. I also prepared some Ceviche which we will eat later. It was a very good dinner, with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Yummy.


Cattiva said...

You always have the best weekends! I want to go to your house :)

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I don't have kids yet, so I gotta get out some of these excursions before my fun times change to includind a child.