Monday, November 15, 2004

The Weekend Events

The weekend started out with a happy hour that ended at 10:45 (well, at least I left at 10:45 and it was still going.) It was at someone's house. Get a group of therapists together and we can get pretty crazy. I was the only one there that is contracted outside of the clinic, so it was nice to hang with them.

Drank a lot of beer. I am not usually a beer drinker, but I found something I like at this specialty beer tasting thing we went to a couple weeks ago. I was drinking Barkley's Sound Honey Almond Light. It's a chick beer. Has a nice Honey Almond flavor and light on the beer flavor. Turns out the beer is also low cal & low carb. Woohoo! I finished the night with a couple glasses of wine, but I think that is what gave me the headache the next morning.

Saturday - got up and went to hang out with Jessi. We had plans to go to this conference, but I just didn't feel like sitting & listening to people talk at us with my headache. So, we spent the morning at Dunn Bros. Coffee House, back to her apartment for lunch, then to the Landmark Theatre to see the movie "Sideways". The Landmark is kind of an artsy independent movie theatre. It was an ok movie. I wish they would have more ironic things happening in the beginning; it took a while to get me engaged in the movie.

Some of those artsy, independent movies are lost on me. I am more for watching the popular movies. I just don't appreciate cinematography enough, that it just seems like I should not watch the movie. I like comedies.

Then we walked around uptown, got an ice cream cone, bought some stuff, then went to Kowalski's & sampled all the food around the store. I had a good time hanging out with Jess. I don't get to see her all that much and always enjoy the time I spend with her. I love being around people that you can be real with, I mean -- really real.

Saturday night, Andy & I went over to the Holiday Inn where some friends were staying with their kids for the weekend. They had some extra arm bands to the Serengeti Waterpark there. It's a decent place (lots of kids) and got to sit in the hot tub and got down the 2 waterslides. All free to us. So, that was fun.

Sunday was a much lazier day. We went & picked up some gifts at the outlet mall and then bought the stuff we need to finish fixing the bathroom. Andy worked on the bathroom while I did laundry - didn't do it last week and Andy had a lot of stuff in a pile that needed folding and organizing. The benefit of owning so many clothes is that you can skip a week of laundry and still have plenty of choices.

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