Friday, November 19, 2004


Woohoo! This news is very worthy of a title in all caps. I am so excited. I have been watching the prices of tickets and they had been steadily climbing and I thought we were going to have to end of paying A LOT more or were going to have to take a flight with 2 stops. We save about $500 by taking one-stop, and we would have only saved another $100 if we would have taken 2 stops. That extra stop is not worth the $100.

So, Costa Rica - here we come AGAIN! I am so giddy right now I can hardly contain myself.

We have just booked our flight. I have picked out a couple of places (one on the Pacific Coast, one by the rainforest & volcano, and one in Liberia for our final day). We plan on renting a car so that we can drive around and check out more of Costa Rica. Last time we were there (3 years ago) we stayed solely on the Pacific Coast.

I purchased the trip insurance because it was only $60 for the 2 of us and can be used if one of us gets sick and we have a doctors note. I thought for $60 I better be safe than sorry - plus if they change it for some reason or whatever. Anyone purchase trip insurance and actually use it? Anyone not purchase it and was screwed because they didn't?


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