Friday, November 26, 2004

Costa Rica Trip

Ok - got places booked. We are staying for 8 nights/ 9 days. I still have to rent the car yet. I am so pumped for this trip.

Here is where we are staying:

First 3 nights: (In Tilaren, on Lake Arenal)
We are staying in a suite here. With the suite we have a dining/kitchen area and both lake & garden views. The volcano (Arenal) is across the lake, so we should have a good view. Queen beds, which is nice. No food included in the rates, but there is a restaurant here, as well as a microbrewery. They rent stuff for windsurfing & kiteboarding, but we don't do that. Plus they also have a skate park there - but we don't do that either. But they do have a pool & Hot Spring Spa - and both of those we will do. We are really looking forward to staying here. While here we plan on going to the vlcano, as well as the rainforest.

Next 4 nights: (In Playa Grande, by Tamarindo)
This seems like a nice, private place. They only have 4 rooms, with queen beds. I hate how when you travel and get stuck with 2 doubles in a room. Each room has a terrance & private entrance to the pool. That's a nice bonus. Gotta have the pool when we are on a warm weather trip. This place is on the Pacific Ocean, but not all places are on good swimming beaches, so you gotta make sure you have the pool. Plus a jacuzzi here too. A full breakfast is included which is nice, and there is s fridge in the room. I like th fridge 'cuz Andy & I like to go buy local fruits & pastries and whatever else we find and it's nice to have a place to keep it cold. And this place has a bar & beach club too.

Last Day: (In Liberia)
This is a Best Western. We are only renting a car for a week, so we thought it wise to stay in the same town as the airport so the cab fair isn't too bad. Although cab fair is pretty cheap (compared to the US, and the bus is very cheap! You can take a 4.5 hour bus ride from San Jose to Tilaren for $5 WOW!) This place is a hotel & casino. They have a bar & restaurant, which is nice. 2 pools & exercise facility. A full breakfast & entertainment.

Here is a map of Costa Rica so that you can see where these places are.


Meow said...

I am SO excited for you. As a world traveler, I've never been here. You'll have to take lots of great photo's for us arm chair travelers at home.
I've seen t.v. show travel logs about Costa Rica and it seems like a cool place for an adventure and exploring.
You may want to consider white water rafting. It would be way cool there.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Got the car booked now. We booked it through Dollar Rent A Car. They had the best rate. We are getting an Internediate Size 4-wheel drive (a must) Manual w/ A/C.