Friday, July 22, 2005

Could Harry Potter be Spiderman?

Ok - so Spiderman is supposed to be Peter Parker. But I must say that HP & PP have much in common. I only make this analogy after finishing reading this latest book. I will not give anything away, except one tiny detail. Harry gives up being with the woman (or in their case, girl) he loves because he doesn't want her to get hurt because his arch enemy will not stop at anything to kill Harry, including harming those he cares for. So, does that sound familiar (Think Spider-Man 2). Plus they both have these powers, both have arch enemies, both are orphans and raised by an aunt & uncle, and now both have these women/girls they love that they are giving up so that they are not hurt. If I were more of a Spider-man enthusiast I could probably make more comparisions. Just think about it. I will not say any more in case, you are still waiting to read the book, which is all I really did today.

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