Sunday, July 17, 2005

Day 2 in Philly

We took the "Phlash" Bus to a few blocks from Kendra & Tim's condo and went there for brunch and to watch them open presents. Then we started to hike it back towards the hotel (Club Quarters). We stopped in Chinatown and ate at the Empress Garden. I had the Shanghai Stir-Fried Noodles (a thick homemade noodle) which was awesome. We stopped in a bunch of stores and bought a few things (jeans for Andy, a couple tops for me). Then we headed back to the hotel and just as Andy was about to fall asleep the alarms went off and we had to go out in the rain. We were going to head over to a couple of stores, but at 5:30 on a Sunday a lot of things are either closed for the day or closing at 6pm. So we walked a few blocks and came across Tony Jr's restaurant. We had some Philly Cheesesteaks and they were tasty.

Then we decided to walk around a bit more to see if there were any places we could hit later for dessert or some drinks.

After relaxing for a bit & Andy got in a successful nap, then we headed out for snacks and beverages. We went to Scoop Deville and bought ice cream there. It was vited Best Ice Cream in Philly and I must agree, although I have not have ice cream any other place in Philly. We also went to Elephant & Castle Restaurant & Pub. There we had some English Pub Chips (aka thick homecut french fries) and some local brews. Andy had a Yuengling and I had a Yard's. Both nice complments to our snack. Now we are back at the hotel and are going to relax some more until bedtime.

Tomorrow on the schedule is lunch with Kendra & Tim (they'll surprise us with a place) and out to visit & stay with Andy's Uncle Rory & Aunt Dee for a couple of days. Dee is making us a big family dinner, as Shannon (Andy's cousin) is staying there for a few days and Jaclyn (his other cousin) will be there too, as she lives very close to her parents.

Tuesday, I believe the girls are taking us out to the beach. So, that should be fun. And then Wednesday our flight leaves late morning.

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