Thursday, July 28, 2005

Next Blog

Did you ever hit the Next Blog button at the top of this blog (& pretty much every blog in blogger)? It randomly brings you to another blog. Sometimes you find cool blogs to look, but 2 out of 3 times it is some listing of things to buy - basically they have used it as free advertisements. I hate getting those.


yarnhappy said...

Hi, you had posted a comment on my blog and didn't leave an email address so, I am going to reply to you this way. I learn by watching and my husband taught me to knit. I haven't looked at the Stitch 'n Bitch book at all. Sorry. Sounds like your knitting teacher shouldn't have been teaching.
I would find a book that shows step by step instructions on how to knit. I am a hands on teacher, when I teach, I show them as much as I can with my yarn and needles and then I look at what they are knitting. I show them what they are doing wrong and we go from there. We keep going until they get it right.
I have heard if someone can crochet first then they will usually have trouble figuring out knitting.
I wish you luck and hope you become a knitter. It is fun to do and it is a serious habit. If you are looking for cheap yarn sites, check out, and sometimes The bad thing about smileys is that you have to have a $30 minimum order. Knit picks gives free shipping if you do $30 per order. Nice! I hope this helps you out.

Alison said...

If you have a Walmart near you, go there for yarn. It's usually always on sale! I got some for the baby blanket I'm crocheting there. It's super soft and pretty.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Am having no luck with the knitting. I got Stitch'n'Bitch from the library and I just can't get the instructions. I think I am knitting dumb. I have the first row & it looks like the picture, but I think that I am still doing it wrong (like - I have a lot of extra hand movements.

I picked up my crochet hook and tried that again by following some instructions online. I did better than last time, but I still can't get some stuff.

I think I may be hopeless when it comes to knitting & crocheting.