Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Working Weekend

Well, this weekend we were quite busy. So much for a holiday weekend break. We are working on our upstairs hallway (7x20 - approximately - so a big space). We never really did like the peachy pink walls that were here when we moved in, but this house is so big you have to take your time getting to paint everything. So, we painted all the trim, built-in bookcase, and linen cabinet white (looks nice). Installed some new shears (old lace be gone!). And painted the walls a shade of blue. It's actually the same color we used on the stairwell going to the bar room on the 3rd floor that we had extra of. We had bought a couple gallons of a different color (supposed to be a light blueish green). Anyways, wse started putting that up on the walls and it was the color of a 50's kitchen. Nope! Not for us.

We also tore out the carpet to the stairs. We will keep the carpet on the stairs because it provides a sound damper. There are the nice thin-slat hardwood floors underneath, but they are all glued up. So, we are installing wood-look laminate. All I gotta say about installing that is - FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

We also put in a new ceiling fan/light fixture and another light fixture. It already looks 100 times better. We are taking pictures and I think Andy will put them on his website later.

We also had to install a new mailbox, as the city has hit it with the snow plow several times during the last couple winters and it is just dangling there.

I start my new class "Counseling Through the Family Life Cycle" today. So, I guess I better go read. I still have a lot more to read before class this afternoon.

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