Friday, July 22, 2005

End of Philly Trip.

We returned on Wednesday and I didn't have time to update my blog about what we were doing.

Monday we slept in, then Kendra & Tim picked us up and took us the Society Hill area of Philly to a restaurant called Bridget Foy's. Then they took us out to the burbs where Andy's Aunt & Uncle live. Dee cooked us a nice dinner and we were joined by both his cousins Shannon (who was visiting for the week) and Jaclyn (who lives in the area) and Jaclyn's boyfriend, Jim. That evening, we went with Shannon to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was a good movie but strange and it is NOT a movie that you go to see because Johnny Depp might look hot. Actually his character is pretty creepy. Then after that we met a bunch of Shannon's friends at a local bar, Baggataway.

While we were at that bar, this guy named "Chase" came up an start talking to our group (he thought one of the guys was on Fear Factor). He ended up telling us all about his house with a tennis court, and that he is married and has a 1 year old and 4 year old and a 15-year old who is on Ritalin, but that is his step-son, but he's on Ritalin too, so they have that in common. It's his wife's 3rd marriage and his first and his wife thinks it will last forever, but he's not so sure he's cut out for marriage. Then he starts talking about partying with pot and coke, then says he doesn't do coke but has pot and proceeds to grab a pill bottle from his shirt pocket, open it and dumps out a bunch of pot in the middle of the bar. And then tells us, "Now you know that I don't lie." Very interesting.

Tuesday we slept in, Dee made us breakfast, then Shannon & Jaclyn too us to Stone Harbor in New Jersey. We went there to go to the beach. We had never been to an East Coast Beach. It is how it looks in the movies. That evening we went to dinner @ Henny's for a seafood dinner.

Wednesday we woke at a normal time and Shannon took us to the airport. We had a small delay out of PHL, and then again out of MKE. But I do have to toot the horn for Midwest Airlines
a little bit. This is the 2nd time I took this airline (actually, both times to Philly). They have oversized leather seats with 2 in a row, NOT 3, so no strangers sitting right next too you. Now more about the seats, the head rest actually raises (which is a plus to the tall ones, like my 6'4 Andy) and there is nice leg room, and the headrest sides can be moved in so that it basically hugs your head, which helps keep your head sturdy and give you some place to rest you head when you sleep. Very cool. Plus they also have foot rests too. They do a beverage cart and snacks like all other airlines, but in the afternoons & evenings you get warm Chocolate Cookies. Mmmmm.....Yummy. They also sell meals if you want, which most airlines do not give a meal anymore, but here you can buy one if you want. We just bought bagels sandwiches before we got on the plain and they gave us a beverage and pretzels and 2 cookies, so it worked out very well for us. I also should note for Tim, that they sell Leine's on board as well.

It is always nice to be home and sleep in your own bed.


Alison said...

"It was a good movie but strange and it is NOT a movie that you go to see because Johnny Depp might look hot. Actually his character is pretty creepy."

I agree...Doesn't he kind of act like Michael Jackson in the movie?

Also...the whole Chase story cracked me up. I would have laughed so hard.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Andy had said the same exact thing....that he was like Michael Jackson doing a Gene Wilder impersonation. Funny.

I guess when Johnny Depp was in POTC he based his character on some rock star. I can't remember who it was. I am am sure Andy remembers who it was and will comment on it if he reads this.

There was a couple spots in Charlie that he seemed to slip into his old Edward role.

Alison said...

Yeah! When he cuts the ribbon at the opening of the factory. Total Edward Scissorhand moment.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Keith Richards.