Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tree Selection

So, Andy & I were talking about planting a tree in the front yard (we disagree what the front yard is, so let's just say the big open grass area when you walk straight off the porch toward the road - not Main St.).

It is such an open area that gets so much sun. So we were thinking of planting something so that the houses can get some shade, although it will be a bitch to mow around. So, I'm thinking a fast grower, probably some hybrid that can thrive here in our Zone 4.

Here are some options:
Tuliptree (Yellow Poplar) It grows fast (about 6 ft. 1st year), has pretty flowers, nice oval shape, like full sun, maybe a little too tall
Hybrid Poplar Grows very fast(up to 8 ft. 1st year), nice oval shape, like full sun, good height for what we need
Ameri-Willow Grows very fast (8+ ft. in 1st year), likes full sun, likes a lot of water, might get a little too tall

I think we are leaning towards the Hybrid Poplar. The height will probably be perfect and the shape is nice. I read on different message boards that all willow varities have a tendecy of stealing all the water in the ground (which will dry out the grass more) because they have a shallow root system, and the roots can grow to invade sewer pipes and septic systems if they are not getting enough water. Sounds like they could become quite a problem if not planted in the perfeect location. We'll probably wait until next spring to plant, rather than planting this fall.


Alison said...

I've seen those willow ones before. They don't have much shape to them. I like the middle one.

Trudy said...

Just a couple of comments:
Willows grow fast, but remember they are very dirty, losing branches and leaves all the time.
Any tree that grows fast is weaker than a slow growing tree, hence easier to snap off in strong winds.
Case in point, look at all the branches that have snapped off our willow.
Poplars sound pretty in the wind, but then again they are a weak tree.
I suppose if you plant it far enough away from the house or garage you wouldn't have to worry about damage from falling branches.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

I'd like to get a bunch of trees, so most of the whole yard is shaded. The more it looks like my house is in the middle of a forest, the better!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I want something that grows fast, as I don't want to have to mow around a little twig.

Poplars don't live that long though, so that is a pain in the ass too.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I think we may try the hybrid poplars. I think that will be my landscaping projects for next year.

We're also going to look for fast growing bushes that we can grow close to the house. We want to line them on the back side again the 3-season porch and deck. It is just too sunny back there and we want to make it more shady and more private.