Sunday, September 18, 2005

Come & Gone

Another weekend has come and gone. Although it was a very tasty weekend (no particularly forgiving to my hips though.)

Friday - Went out to El Tequila (had shrimp fajitas & plenty of free chips & salsa)

Saturday - Went to that auction I mentioned (just a bunch of crap, bought nothing), planted tulip bulbs in new (this year) landscaped area and covered with red cedar mulch, went to the party @ Cathy & Keith's house and had lot so great food (gumbo, rice dishes, crawfish boil, bread pudding, pecan pie, watermelon, chili, buttered garlic beans, keg of beer, Handgrenades, many other dishes) and played volleyball and had a campfire too.

Sunday - Went to an auction here in town (more crap, only spent a buck), then went over to the outlet mall and bought new walking shoes and some snacks & Harry & David, ran to the Cities to pick up some stuff and stopped @ Subway & DQ (had a Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Guess I better put on those new walking shoes and burn off some of that Blizzard.

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