Monday, September 05, 2005

The Long Weekend

Friday: We went to Carrie & Kyle's House. We were going to go out for dinner, but decided to run to Papa Murphy's & the liqour store instead -- which allowed the guys to watch the Vikings game while the girls talked. Kim & Travis joined us a little later. Andy got drunk.

Saturday: The morning I ran errands (bank, library, Farmer's Market, Fleet Farm, & get a dvd from Redbox) all in a 1 hour time frame. Then went over to the outlet mall to check out their Labor Day Weekend bargains. Found a bunch of recipes to make with my stuff from the FM. Cooked & watched Finding Neverland. Also watched Shark Tale on HBO. Then we sat in the candlelight and talked. The storms were pretty bad and I figured the power just might go out anyways.

Sunday: Pretty much stormed all night and morning. Ended around 10:30am. We had a Flash Flood Warning for our County & the one above us until 11am. Some more cooking. Made Raspberry Scones (ate some for breakfast) and have Chicken Wild Rice Soup in the slow cooker. Watched The Grudge and In the Army Now on HBO. Also, went to see March of the Penguins at the theater. Should not have gotten a Diet Coke that late at night. Read "The Undomestic Goddess" all last night and finally went to bed around 3am. Also, did some caulking of windows in the house, maybe that will help with the drafts in the winter. I'm not done yet (since we have sooooooo many windows and they are almost all 6-pane) but it's a start. God, I love caulk!

Monday: Made some Banana Cereal Muffins. They don't really rise much, but they sure taste good. For some reason I was really in a "homemade" cooking mood this weekend. For dinner I made homemade tomato soup. Never had that before, was very tasty. And some open-face ham,veggie& cheese sandwiches. Yum. Also ran to the outlet mall again. Went to a few stores I didn't go to the other day.

Tomorrow: Back to work. School starts.

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wordnerd said...

woa....that's one hell of alot of things accomplished in 3 days.