Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something to Aspire To

So, this guy apparently must not work if he can spend almost 70 hours sitting on the couch, and almost 77 hours standing on one foot and 100 hours bowling. Who the hell kept their bowling alley open for that long in the first place? I am willing to bet he didn't have to pay anything to bowl in exchange for all the publicity they would recieve. And who has 16 Guiness World Records? What do he do - sit home and look through the record book trying to find a record to break. Maybe I should buy the most recent book or go to their website and have each of the kids come up with a record they think they could break.


Lucky Charmz said...

Wow. I'm totally speechless.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

As a apart of group therapy today, we read the article and had them search for what each of them thought was the 5 most interesting records out there and then find one record they could break one day.

Thia activity went so well and they actually spent an hour doing this activity, rather than doing it quickly and then goofing around.