Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weekend Re-Cap

Friday: Had that conference all day. It was pretty good. Andy & I went out for Chinese (huge buffet and we ate WAY TOO MUCH!) and then "The Ring Two" and "Ladder 49"

Saturday: Went to rummage sales in the morning until it started to POUR! Found some good deals. We also did some home improvement work. Finally finished the upstairs hallway. It needed to be trimmed out around the floor. Andy did most of that. I did the caulking to fill in gaps by the door frames. Damn! I love the caulk. It looks very nice now and that area is all finished. I guess I shuold take some pictures now and post. Sent out invites to a Wine & International/Specialty Beer Tasting Party that we are going to have next month. That should be fun. Rented & watched "Million Dollar Baby" and "Guess Who" Don't rent Guess Who, it's not worth the money. It pretty much sucked.

Sunday: Didn't really do a who helluva lot. Did some grocery shopping and laundry, took a nap, made Lentil Tomato Soup, and drove to the Cities to pick up the Tahoe. Yup, that's it. Just got the invite to Jenny's Halloween Bash on October 29th. I want to go, but not sure if I can get Andy to go. He hates dressing up. I might have to bring a friend with me.

Next Week: It's our anniversay (4 years) on Thursday. So, we are going to stay up in the Cities that night. I think I will be **cough, cough** sick to work on Friday. We are staying at the Spring Hill Suites in Eden Prairie. We'll go out to eat. The plan is to eat at Buca's. We talked about going to see a play, either at the Plymouth Playhouse (8pm show of the Church Basment Ladies) or at the Brave New Workshop (8pm show of The Brave New Others in: Five People to Avoid in Heaven), but we'll see how we are doing on time. We might just decide to go back to the hotel and crash. And on Friday, as long as the weather is nice we want to go to the Arboretum and possibly the Imax (@ the zoo.) But we'll see what we have time for and feel like doing.


Mean Dr. Lily said...

RE: Halloween party.

"I want to go, but not sure if I can get Andy to go."

Allow me to clarify: NO, you cannot get Andy to go.

Meow said...

Aw man you didn't like guess who.
I laughed my ass off. I thought Bernie Mac was hilarious.
Well, I did not ship the hookah. I had put it in one of my carry on bags. I took two carry on sized bags and one was empty going but stuffed coming back. LOL
Got shoes and leather purses and saffron and Turkish delight and tea and coffee. Bought jewelry but kept it on me at all times.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Guess I'll be finding a friend to go with me.