Sunday, September 11, 2005

This Weekend & Next

This weekend -- well, what can I say. It started out with a 3-hour Happy Hour at my place. Alicia, Trudi, Linda & Misun came over. It was a good way to end the first week of school. I didn't need it until Friday, and when Friday came I REALLY NEEDED IT! I like to have people over to my house for drinks for several reasons: 1) it's cheaper 2) no smoke 3) plenty of snacks available 4) clean bathrooms 5) more privacy. Then Andy & I went and rented Hide and Seek. It was a pretty freaky movie.

Saturday: Not much happening here.....went to some rummage sales.....found a lot of crap! so I only spent 75 cents.....stayed home in the evening and made us a nice meal and homemade strawberry pie.

Sunday: Another day of sitting around.......I can ge used to this......only ran out to pick up a few groceries and met Carrie & Kyle @ the Muni for some drinks. Made Eggplant & Spinach Lasagna, which is in the over cooking as I type.

Next week -- LOTS of meetings....welcome back to work....yikes!

Next weekend -- Cathy & Keith are having a New Orleans party on Saturday night....I guess this was something they were planning before Katherine...she just wants to cook a bunch of food....I have some Hand Grenade mix I had bought in New Orleans and never used, so I think I will bring that with some vodka (don't have the grain alcohol it calls for.) I asked her if she plans to flood her house too. Probably bad taste.

During the day on Saturday Andy & I plan on going to this auction (click on Saturday's date). Looks like a lot of nice stuff. I am excited to go. We've only been to one auction this year and it rained so we didn't stay long. Auctions just get my adreneline pumping (maybe that's why I am addicted to ebay so much). This one is indoors, so it will be fine either way.


Lucky Charmz said...

You sound so social compared to me. Sometimes I think I am 89 years old. I have a ton of meetings this month too. blah Bring some sudoku with you.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I love sodoku. I was just telling Carrie about it yesterday.

Actually - this weekend I was a little less social than I normally am. I wanted to be more social but so many people had prior plans for Saturday.