Monday, August 23, 2004


Now - you can have the affects of alcohol & not actually drink it (sounds like smoking something, but instead you are inhaling)

Of course students pay more for beer than for books ( ). If you have 4 classes and pay $50 for each class in books - that $200, which is roughly 16 cases of Leine's Original (12 bottles in a case). And there are 16 weeks in a college semester. And 12 bottles in one week in nothing. And if you are going out to the bars, you could spend that $200 in 4 nights at the bars. They are saying that a college student roughly spends $35 a week on booze. Ok - so I guess that is on the high side (at least in my opinion). But if you go to the undergraduate school that my husband went to, you get to check the books out and that is included in your tution (none of this buying books crap). So, I can safely say that I am sure he spent more money on booze than books when he was there.

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