Saturday, August 14, 2004

Sittin' On My Ass

I think I am getting ass sores. I have been sitting on it so much today. I have spent over 6 hours already trying to get my palm up-to-date. Apparently my old software was too ancient that nothing could be updated and when I installed the new stuff it just decided to delete all my shit. 4 years of shit to be exact. Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries - all once there at the click of a button now just a figment of my imagnation.

I had even stopped updating the paper rolodex 2 years ago because I didn't think I would really need it. Technology was not supposed to punch me in the gut, knock me down, and start jumping on top of me. You know the old saying - can live with it, can't live without it. I don't know what I would do without my laptop & PDA. I certainly couldn't blog about it and I'd have to go back to the trusty old way of journaling my thoughts and writing letters for communication. I used to rely on paper so much - now it's just little eletrical impulses that keep me going and in touch with everyone.

Once in a while I will send off a letter or a postcard to someone. Usually to those friends that live far away. I like to be able to let them know that our relationship isn't soley electronic and I will spend sometime actually trying to remember what my cursive handwriting looks like.

You know - that makes me think of my friend Tim - when I went to visit him and Kendra we talked about his new hobby of interpreting handwriting -- what happens when we forget how to write much more than our own signature. Luckily we still need that (for at least a little while) to sign out credit card slips (certainly don't need real paper money when you can do it electronically), but if you buy everything online you will never have to write your signature.

I guess I won't be investing in any stock for paper companies any time soon. Although - when you think about paper consumption - I give the impression that it is going down - but the amount of junk mail seems to steadily be increasing.

And how many sheets of toilet paper do you use? That's a good question. What are you supposed to use? What is the recommended amount of sheets of toilet paper? Does it matter what the thickness is when you determine how many sheets you use? Are we using too much toilet paper? I think these days some of us have too much and so we waste stuff that we might take for granted, like good ole toilet paper. How many of us are using 10 sheets when we only really need 4 (is 4 too much?) So, next time you are on the toilet sittin' on your ass - think about that.

Maybe investing in a paper company is a good idea.

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