Tuesday, August 31, 2004

MLAAS 8/31/04

Shane reaches the top of the steps and stops for a second. He thinks to himself, “Did I hear something? He turns for a second and then hears a child yelling for his dad. Shane then snaps back to attention and remembers what he was doing. There was someone on the stairs when he was searching for information about his father. He sees a nurse walking away from him down the hallway. He rushes to catch up with her. He grabs her arm and turns her around.

“Who are you?” he demands.

She looks at him confused and stutters, “I’mmmmmmm Mmmm…arrrrry. Sorry. I’m Mary. I’m new here.”

“What were you doing coming down to the files?” He demands as he tightens her grip on her.

“I’m sorry. I was lost. I just started yesterday and I was trying to find the supply closet to re-stock on bandages.”

“Couldn’t you tell that the place was not a supply closet? I want to know what you were doing?”

She replies back, “I told you I was lost and I saw a light on and thought I would see where I was. And who are you? You are not wearing any hospital identification. Who are you?”

He turns away and thinks, “I wish I knew.”

Miranda steps out of the door carefully and sees Stephanie laying on the ground. Tyler Smith gets out of the car and starts yelling for help. Miranda steps back inside the house so that she is not seen. She watches though a window as Tyler assesses the damage. He sees that there is a lot of blood. He is not sure where it is coming from. He is frantically looking around and shouting for help. He runs back to his car and tries his cell phone and finds that he has no service. Miranda continues to watch. She says to herself, “Hmmmmm……if I wait long enough maybe she will lose enough blood that she will go into shock and then into a coma and then I can make my final move for Jason. We can be married and have the family we both dreamed of. He can have the kids he always wanted and that 2-bit whore could never give him, and I will have him. It will be perfect.”

Just then Tyler runs into the house and says “Didn’t you hear me yelling? I need a phone quick. Someone has been hurt. We have to save her.”

Miranda hands him the phone and watches as he dials 9-1-1. As he hangs up the phone she looks out the door and yells, “Oh my god! That’s my sister. What happened?”

Tyler says to her, “I don’t know. She came running out of no where and then I hit her.”

Miranda half-heartedly hits Tyler in the chest and says, “You bastard. You killed my sister.”

Tyler responds, “I barely hit her. I think the impact of hitting the ground must have caused all the damage. She is still breathing, but she has lost a lot of blood. Just then the ambulance shows up. Tyler runs out to help them. Miranda says to herself quietly, “This is perfect. I don’t even have to do the dirty work myself. This chump can take all the blame.

We see Carol searching though files on a computer at the library. She looks down at a scribbled note in front of her and torn picture and says to herself, “This has to mean something. I don’t understand why the adoption agency had this in my file. They said that my mother died giving birth to me and these were among her possessions in her purse. I have already found out that she herself was an orphan. I wonder if she ever found her biological parents. I wonder if I will ever find my father. I wonder if he even knows about me. This must be information about him. Who was the other person in this picture with my mother?”

Gerald Smith is unpacking boxes in his new home. He thinks to himself, “I need this time to think. Mary has a job and I still need to find one. Stacy is at school and hopefully this new school will be good for her. I hope this move to a small town will protect her. Tyler should be here any moment. I wonder where he is. I am so worried about him. He always falls for the wrong girl. I wonder if we’ll be able to make it here in Smallville. We’ve had to give up so much in Bigcity, but had the company not gone bankrupt I would still have a job and Mary would not have to work full-time and Stacy would not have to leave her friends. I hope we have a good start here.”

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