Wednesday, August 18, 2004

MLAAS 8/18/04

We start this story with Miranda & Steph involved in a heated argument over Jason. The f-enheinmer is flying, Steph’s dishing out titty twisters, and Jason is sitting around the corner listening to what is going on. Is he going to enter? Miranda keeps saying – he chose to be with me. I am having his child. He left you, deal with it. Jason so deeply still loves Steph, but he just can’t tell her. Steph punches Miranda and in enters Jason to rescue Miranda. He scolds Steph for trying to harm his & Miranda’s unborn child. He is so torn inside as he watched Steph cry and plead with him to come back to her. She says she will forgive him for sleeping with Miranda, but he needs to leave with her now. She reaches out a hand to him. He takes a step away from Miranda and reaches his hand towards her.

Shane struggles with his identity and is uncertain about who is really is. He’s upset that he doesn’t know who his true parents are and cannot understand that my mother did not know about him. Shane decides to don on some scrubs and sneaks around the hospital (Smallville General). After having to assist in a surgery (hmmmmm….wonder how he got these skills) he is able to sneak away and find the records room in the basement. He finds out that the creepy guy was the one who did this impregnation thing and had his scary doctor administer the prenatal exams and the delivery. Turns out that mom never knew she was pregnant with 2 kids, or even that she delivered 2. He finds his birth record that he was born 10 minutes before me. On both our birth records our mother’s name is listed as Trudy. He sees that the administering physician was Scare, E. (Hmmmm…..Dr Scary? E. Scare – what could E Stand for? Who is he?) He looks down on mine and sees that my father is Gary. He looks at his birth father and sees that it is blank. He says out loud “Who Am I?” He hears a sounds and turns quickly to see a shadow around the corner of the stairs. Someone is leaving. Shane thinks to himself – I must follow them. They must know something.

We then see someone in a dark cloak step out from the closet (opposite of the corner by the stairs) after Shane takes after the person on the stairs. This person says in a low voice, “You will never find out who you are.” (Gotta wonder how that person knew Shane would be down there right at that moment.)

Meanwhile, we see 2 new characters packing up luggage. They never show their faces and we wonder they could be. We hear the woman say, “We will be a family.” The guy puts his arm around the woman and says “This time things will be different.” We view the backs of their heads as they drive forward. The woman says “Are we sure we are doing the right thing?” as she puffs smoke out of her mouth. The guy says, “We have to do it and we are going to be different and we need to change, and to start you need to get that thing out of your mouth.” She flicks her cigarette out of the windows and looks to the rearview mirror at the home they are leaving behind. As they drive from the wooded area we see in the corner of the side mirror a blurred figure in the background through that appears to be waving.

Roll credits.


Kinky Phanie Gates said...

Your soap is very interesting! I look forward to reading it every week to see what kinda stuff you'll come up with. It has a real feel as a soap. Can't wait until next week!


Mean Dr. Lily said...

This one was actually pretty interesting...

Lame Shrill Owl said...

The 1st 3 posts of MLAAS were to establish the characters. Now you know them and I can get with the storyline.

I know people are probably interested in their own family, so I'll try to mix them up.