Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My life as a soap. Ctd.

I am procrastinating from I thought I would continue on with my imaginary soap life. Actually - I was thinking that there are some people that I could wite about that do have lives this crazy - maybe in an anonymous blog.

I kinda went through one side of the family tree in my soap life - now for the other side. I just hope no one takes this shit personally. I am just making this crap up and it in no way reflects how I actually think or feel about them. It's all just good fun. Now with that said - on with the show.

When we left the other day, there was Andy-bot and Andy the Ford mechanic. I think I need to fill you in on his family. So, Andy-bot was created by this sorceress (we still have yet to figure out who the sorceress and the creepy guy are - it's what keeps people coming back - trying to figure out who they are). The real Andy is a product of Candy & Dave Miller, as well as Brian & Tony, but Chris - well the dark hair should have given it away that he was not really theirs. So, who is Chris?

See - what happened was they Chris (& Aaron) were switched at birth. Aaron is really Candy & Dave's 2nd kid. We'll find out more about Aaron in a later episode, because right now we have enough of a storyline that we don't need to bring him in. Now - was it the nurses who did the switch? No, of course not. It was the sorceress & the creepy guy. If you haven't figured it out yet, they are in cahoots.

See, there are magical powers within the Miller family and they need to remove them from their family as much as possible. Now, not everyone has these powers & not to the same extent, because remember - Candy is not a Miller, so they have her genes as well which do not include the magical powers. Aaron & Andy have the most powers of the children and so they needed to be removed, because their power is only as great as the sum of them.

The storyline that will be reveled later is that Dave is the only product of his mother & father and his other siblings have different parents (ok - so some stuff is true, sometimes I work with what I got) and we will be able to deduce that it was his father that was indeed magical and get this - he was a warlock! He was the brother of the sorceress. Dave inherited these powers, but because he was raised in a non-magical family (sound like it is turning into Harry Potter now) he never realized he had these powers and he won't until the true identity of the sorceress is revealed and he has to fight her.

Now - one might think that Andy & Aaron couldn't be that powerful - but you would be wrong. They don't know of their powers for the same reason Dave does not know of his powers. And they still have their mother's genes. Now - she might not be magical - but in a later episode you will find out why Dave & Candy's kids could either mean the end of all evil - or just the beginning of it.

Now - the older brother, Brian, has some powers and he just thinks is that he is psychic, but he's not living in the country (see, some more truth to work with) so he is not with the rest of the family and does not interfere with the plans of the sorceress. Some day he will need to return because Aaron will have been involved in a very bad accident (could this have not been an accident?) and will need some new bone marrow and Brian will come up in the computer system as a perfect match. After some more investigating they will find out that Aaron & Chris were born at the same hospital on the same day. And guess, what! Aaron is a tall blond - go figure. Could they have been switched? No shit sherlock!

Will the Miller's welcome Aaron with open arms? What will Chris do? Will he try to find out who his real parents are? And who will they be? That should be interesting - because I didn't tell you that Aaron was given up for adoption - he never went home with the person that gave birth (to Chris). And what about Tony - is he magical?

ok - that's enough for today. I still got Miller spouses to get in this -- and I have something planned for Brenda & Ray as well. Teehee! Using my imagination is fun.


Mean Dr. Lily said...
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Lame Shrill Owl said...

Hey! You are the one waiting to find out what kind of powers you have.

Like I told Andy - maybe I would make my soap life a once a week thing. I probably won't have a set day - just whenever during that week. If it entertains no one else but me - that is ok.

Kinky Phanie Gates said...

Very interesting! I like to read your blogs when I'm at work, that way I can goof off every now and then!


Mean Dr. Lily said...

If you're going to give a brother special powers, make it something good.

- Invisibility?
- Can I fly?
- Can I summon corpses and have them do my evil bidding?
- Can I spend money freely without having to ask for an increased allowance?