Thursday, August 19, 2004

How to Save Money......

Ok - here are some links: This website will direct you to a Yahoo Group Board for your area (or nearby area). There is one on their for the county I live in. We were able to get rid of some building supplies, our old (but working) treadmill, and hopefully soon - an artificial xmas tree. It doesn't look like there is one that is too near my parents, but Steph & Jason ther is a group in your town. This is 66 ways to save money. It's actually sponsored by the Consumer Literacy Consortium. This website is to help you learn how to save money.

And if you are someone who knows me personally - I can recommend a good financial advisor. We have one and he is great. He gets his clients through referrals, so there is no big marketing campaign that he has to pay for, so he doesn't charge you like make other financial advisors do (American Express charges somewhere around $300 just to sign up) and our guy (Ryan) gives you these free classes to help you learn about all the different investment types and help you plan for your future so you are not stuck wanting to retire and having to work the rest of your life. Just a little plug for him.

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