Saturday, August 28, 2004


If senior citizens can celebrate the birthday of toilet paper (link above), maybe I should throw a party to celebrate the birthday of mascara, tampons, or condoms. Anyone know the birthday of those products?


Mean Dr. Lily said...

"Estimates vary, but Brittingham said she found after some research that some believe Aug. 26, 580, was the first time toilet paper, in a primitive form, was used."

Who wrote that down?

"Today I wiped my ass with my bark. It felt good to finally be clean back there, but I could use something, you know, -quilted-."

Mean Dr. Lily said...

OOoohhh, even better... maybe they didn't even have modern languages at the time of this important documentation. Can you imagine the hieroglyphics?
. .
\ \ \ *

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Oops. That was a sweet bit of art up there, but it's not displaying properly.