Monday, August 09, 2004

MLAAS (My Life As A Soap) 8/9/04

The rest of the family……..

So- as you might have been able to deduce, Tony does not have any magical powers and that was he was created in a laboratory. We will find out more about this in a later story. All I can say is that the creepy guy had a hand in on this and slightly changed his DNA so that he would not have any magical powers from Dave. But the family secret that Candy holds makes him just as potentially dangerous or good as the rest.

So – in my soap life (as in my real life) I have 3 sister-in-laws. Ana is my sister-in-law that lives out of the country with Brian and they have a son Andres (all true so far). Andres is 6, but give him a year or 2 and he’ll be 18 in no time (remember – this is a soap and kids age quickly – or slowly - to fit the storyline). Ana is from a large family (again truth here – and the ability to add in more characters). And of course we will find out later how the creepy guy has unknowingly affected her.

Now, there is Lisa. She has a long history with Chris (truth again here – but now comes the un-truths), but that was broken up because she needed to marry a guy in order to seal the deal between their families. All the while she was married to this guy she pined away after Chris. It really pissed this guy off that he knew that Lisa was always thinking of Chris. This ex-husband’s name was Phillip. He is a very powerful man and set out to destroy Lisa & Chris’ life because his own vanity prevents him from acknowledging that Lisa never loved him and has only loved Chris. I should be interesting to see what kind of things Phillip does to break them up and make them miserable. In that family is also Travis. People think he is small for his age, but really his age is being held up so that he can be the same age as Andres – because then they can hang with the same crowd through school (yes, that means Brian & Ana will have to move back to the country) and later the 2 of them will fall in love with the same woman and be at odds.

And my third sister-in-law in Carol. We don’t know much about her and think she is an orphan. She moved into the area and met Tony when she rear-ended him with her car upon her first week living in the area (see it would not make sense for her to live her for a while and then meet, and also making her an orphan – or us at least believing her to be an orphan – allows me to bring other characters into the stories as her long-lost relatives or find a way to make her related to current characters in the story).
Now – we understand that the many families in my soap life are the Shallow’s & the Miller’s. And we have the bad guys which are the creepy guy and the sorceress (which their identity has not been revealed as of yet). So – now let’s begin the “Life of our Days”. Roll credits.

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