Thursday, August 25, 2005

Books & Classes

They are actually 2 independent topics.

I am still waiting for the library to tell me that the other 2 Kinsella books are in for me, so I went over to the bookstore at the outlet and bought a new book to pass the time (should have just gone to the library and picked something out -- but I hate wandering aimlessly in the library trying to think of what I might like to read next -- the bookstore has stuff displayed so it grabs your attention and then you read the cover and decide, yes I do want to read this book -- with the library I always request things online and only go in when they call to say my book or video is in.)

So, anyways, I bought The Dirty Girls Social Club. It is not exactly what I expected. I don't know what I expected, I guess I didn't understand that Dirty Girls was referring to the name of their group - Sucias - which is referring to their skin color (They are all of Latina descent, but very different backgrounds.) It's a pretty good book, aside from the random Spanish words thrown in here and there (which I don't understand) but they usually tell you what it means (eventually.) It could really be written about any group of women that formed their "after-college" club. It is neat to see what different perspectives they each have of each other and the secrets they keep.

The other topic was classes - I taught my first night this semester for both classes I am teaching at the community college. One class I have taught for quite a while now (Walking & Jogging for Fitness) and that was like and old hat. I am totally in the groove of teaching that one. I rarely had to even look at my notes and when I did I realized I had said all of that. The other class is new to me and I have been waiting for it to be offered at a time that is convenient for me to teach it, that is Stress Management. For the first time teaching that class, it went really smoothly. I was not going to get stressed out teaching stress management. I think I am really going to like teaching this semester.


Meow said...

It's a cross between the movie DOA and an Alias episode. LOL
It's all right. I bought it for my trip to Turkey (I leave Wednesday) but I'm two thirds done w/it already. I'm a dork. I'll just end up taking Diana Gabaldon's 4th book with me. I read the first three Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber & Voyager and I'm addicted. The first 2 were the best two books I've ever read in my life! Who ever I lent them to also thought so. I discovered them recently so I've got the 4th & 5th left for the trip. Tootles!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Have fun in Turkey! Is this a vacation trip or some other type of trip?

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Finished reading Dirty Girls. Was an ok book. Too many characters that you have to stop and think who each one is. Gave me a perspective(s) on Latina women though.