Monday, August 08, 2005

Restaurant Knock-off's

I stumbled across this website. It is a collection of recipes that are like the foods you have in your favorite restaurants. Shhhh! It's Top Secret.

If I wasn't already a good cook I would use these and pass them off as my own, well, I still think I will do that. But honestly, I am a good cook. No kidding.

I looked at it a little more and looks like you have to buy the recipe. I bet there are other places out there you can find them for free. I know I have seen some of them.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Here are top secret recipe cookbooks by Todd Wilbur.

Cattiva said...

There used to be several websites that would give you those kind of recipes free. I may still have some bookmarked. If you email to remind me, I'll look.

Meow said...

Well I'm looking for the Cheesecake Factory's shrimp scampi recipe.
I think it's the best on Earth and this website doesn't even have it.